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    Visibility at the NHDP McIntyre-Shaheen Dinner, May 2015

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    Speaking to supporters at a fundraiser in downtown Manchester, March 2015

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    Alderman Arnold and Kathy Kelley Arnold with their daughter, Abigail

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    Alderman Arnold with former Alderman Armand Forest and Mrs. Forest

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    Discussing field strategy with our youngest supporter, 2013

Welcome to the Arnold for Mayor website!

"The city of Manchester is a place of boundless opportunity. Our citizens and resources are unmatched in the region, and our potential for growth, innovation, and excellence is limited only by our vision. I'm running for mayor because the people of Manchester deserve better than the status quo and business as usual at City Hall. Over the last several years especially, our city has suffered from the timidity and ineffectiveness of the current administration. Drug activity and violent crime remain out of control. Opportunities for real progress continue to be squandered. Families continue to look elsewhere to educate their children, and taxpayers continue to seek a better return on their tax dollars. Manchester can – and should – be a leader in job creation, innovation, education, and quality of life. Join me to help realize our potential, and seize the opportunity for new leadership, and an innovative new vision for the future."

- Alderman Patrick Arnold


For more information, or to find out how you can get involved, contact Abigail White at 315-6977 or by clicking here

Check out our office at: 1117 Elm Street, Lower Level

Mailing address: P.O. Box 202, Manchester, New Hampshire 03105